Green Thumb Nursery & Landscape

Green Thumb Nursery & Landscape

Posted on 06. Dec, 2008 by Yvonne Smith in Blog, Nashville

I recently discovered a really cool place in Nashville that happens to be up the street from me – Green Thumb Nursery & Landscape.  A while back at the Ki of Life Gala I got to take home a lovely Phalaenopsis (moth orchid) and I needed a new pot to put it in.  I figured they would have pots, and they do!  Beautiful Vietnamese ones, at that.

They also have a water bar with reverse osmosis water for 50 cents a gallon, so I’ve been filling up my big five gallon jugs there as I really prefer to drink room temperature water.  It’s good stuff and the first fill-up is free.  If you’re lucky, Jay will help you to your car with it and belt it into your passenger seat!  (He did this for me and I was super impressed.)

They also have a lot of other nifty stuff like locally produced Amish fruits, vegetables, nut butters, jams and baked goods, some of which (like the fried pies) are even vegan.  Yay!  Louisa at the counter is very knowledgeable about the ingredients and is sweet and helpful.

So, next time you’re in Green Hills patronizing businesses like Ecology (which is actually moving to Edgehill), Whole Foods, The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills or Trader Joe’s, go across the street to 4010 Hillsboro Pike and check out Green Thumb Nursery.  Don’t forget to bring a non-plastic water receptacle!

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  1. Jenn

    05. Mar, 2009

    Writing a post about the Green Thumb has been on my To Do list for weeks! I go there to get water and I can’t wait for the Amish Produce to come in the Summer. I live in Green Hills so it’s super convenient, but I would commute to get their water!

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