Happy Tofurky Day!

Happy Tofurky Day!

Posted on 25. Nov, 2008 by Yvonne Smith in Blog

Ahhh, Thanksgiving.  The time of year when I get asked frequently about what I’m making and if I have any good recipes.  Some might be surprised to find that I go the pretty traditional route on Thanksgiving.  I mean, I guess Tofurky doesn’t seem traditional for some, but considering I’ve been enjoying it every year since the 1990s, it’s definitely a tradition for me!  I even bought two this year since I’m having friends over at my place and I want to be sure I have enough for leftovers.  I love the Tofurky gravy too.  Mmmmm.

I also make mashed potatoes, but instead of butter and cow’s milk, I use organic Earth Balance and soymilk.  Last year I made three different vegan pumpkin pies and decided that Bryanna’s was the best.  I don’t even think it needs to set for very long, but I’ll probably make my pies the day before anyway just to be safe.  I just bought some Soyatoo! to spray on the top also.  Part of the fun of pumpkin pie, I say.

As far as greens, I bought some Brussels sprouts and will probably roast them.  Maybe I’ll make some roasted mixed veggies as well.  Not sure yet!

My best advice for Thanksgiving recipes is the internet.  If you google Vegan Thanksgiving, you’ll find all kinds of fabulous things.  I follow a lot of vegan chefs and foodies on Twitter and they’ve been posting all kinds of recipe links to their blogs, which is always fun.

FatFreeVegan.com is one of my very favorite recipe sites, simply because it is so thorough.  Susan has really done an amazing job with it.  She’s got a wonderful blog and an incredible searchable database.  I just found this site, which has some good Thanksgiving recipes.  Vegan Vanguard has a three part guide to vegan Thanksgivings, which is really helpful and informative.  She included a bunch of great links as well.  Vegan.com has this post with some great Thanksgiving ideas too.  So much great info out there!

I’m subscribed to The Vegan Culinary Experience and received some lovely recipes from Chef Jason Wyrick.  One of them is for BBQ Tofurky, which sounds really good.  I just might have to try that this year.  You can download his magazine for free on his site, so be sure to check it out!

Maybe one of these years I’ll get over my Thanksgiving pet peeve – Those who spell Tofurky incorrectly.  There is no ‘e’ in Tofurky.  But hey, if you eat one instead of an actual turkey, I’ll love you no matter how you spell it. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers.  Remember to be grateful, loving, compassionate and positive and good things will come your way.  Peace.

And if you have a killer recipe for stuffing/dressing, let me know.  I haven’t decided what to do yet!

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  1. Jane

    30. Nov, 2008

    I do the same thing with my mashed cauliflower (earth balance and soy milk). My mom always uses heavy cream instead of milk in her mashed potatoes for the holidays. So I decided to try the soy creamer this time. Works wonderfully – in both the mashed sweet potatoes and the mashed cauliflower. Yum.

    I hope you enjoyed your Vegan Thanksgiving. We are still enjoying ours and hope to for another day or two (LOVE leftover Thanksgiving).

    Jane of VeganBits.com

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