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It’s no secret that I love beer and wine.  I love beer and wine even more when it’s truly vegan!

There is a wonderful Green Hills wine store next to Whole Body called YN.  They have 365 great wines under $20.  They also have some that are over that if you want them, but I tend to buy several bottles at a time and it’s nice when you can get good stuff for not a lot of cash.  YN is a bright, inviting space and I really like everyone who works there.  Amazing customer service.  One day I placed an order for an organic vegan wine that I wanted to try and it got the wheels rolling in Melanie’s head.  How about a vegan wine section?  Well, obviously I was thrilled.  How cool is that?  And all their organic bottles are labeled with green stickers.

Behold, the vegan wine section at YN.  I bet it’s the first in Nashville.  Inspired by Yours Truly.  So, get over to YN and tell them The Traveling Vegetarian sent you!  Thank you to Ed, Melanie, Harlan and all the wonderful folks at YN for caring so much about great wine and customer service.

YN Big

Oh, and if you’re wondering what makes a wine vegan or non-vegan, check out this articleHere is a great article on vegan beer.  There are many sites out there with lists of vegan wines and beer, which can be found on Google.

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