On Being Vegan

On Being Vegan

Posted on 26. Nov, 2008 by Yvonne Smith in Blog

I was talking to a friend last night about being vegan.  I told him about my lunch at VegNews and how wonderful it is to sit at a table with seven other vegans enjoying a delicious cruelty-free meal created with love by friends.  I told him about Vegetarian Summerfest and AR 2008 and how amazing it is to be in a room with hundreds of people who all share the common bond of non-violence and compassion.  As I relived those experiences, I started to well up with tears at the sheer emotion I felt.

I love being a part of the vegan community.  I truly, truly love it.  I don’t live in a place where there are a lot of vegans.  We don’t have any vegan restaurants here…yet.  I do know lots of fabulous, compassionate, wonderful people in Nashville and I’m not complaining, but going to festivals and events where you know most everyone there shares your knowledge and lifestyle is really an uplifting experience like no other.

For me, veganism isn’t about giving up anything.  Since I made this decision, I have only gained.  I feel better, I look better, I have more spiritual clarity and I’m part of a community that I absolutely adore.  What have I lost?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I eat amazing food that energizes me and tastes great.  I eat more vegetables and whole foods than I ever have and I feel vibrant, healthy, strong and nourished.  It truly is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I don’t think I’m better than anyone else.  I try my best not to judge those who don’t feel the same way I do.  I believe everyone is on their own path and we all need to discover our own truths on our own time lines.  At the same time though, I also know that the way we’re living right now, especially in this country, is not sustainable.

So, I want to help.  I want to help the humans, the animals and the planet by doing what I feel is best for all and best for my own person.  I choose the world I want to live in with every meal I eat.  I will not force my views on others, but I will always be here to answer questions.

Thank you so much for reading.  I am so grateful for all of you.  ALL of you.

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11 Responses to “On Being Vegan”

  1. Idalys

    26. Nov, 2008

    I know what you mean! I love being vegan! It changes our whole perspective on life not just food.

  2. shaggy^^

    03. Jan, 2009


  3. Jason

    21. Jan, 2009

    Nashville huh?! A friend of mine just moved there 2 weeks ago and she is working with whole foods on an organic dog treat “Barker Bones”.

  4. kathy

    28. Jan, 2009

    I feel the same way every time I eat out at a popular vegan restaurant in NYC. Te room is filled with other vegans and I feel at peace. No stress like at a non-vegan “have-to-modify-everything” place.
    *love your blog!,


  5. jules

    07. Mar, 2009

    I don’t mind having to modify things I don’t like being judged by peaple who do eat meat.thankfully my husband supprts me even though he stll eats meat.

  6. Cynthia

    02. Apr, 2009

    Me too i love being a vegan. Its the best decision that i could make. I love animals and i believe that some day people will finally stop cruelty and see them as our friends not as food or clothes

  7. Steven

    20. May, 2009

    Here is San Francisco there is excellent vegetarian/vegan Thai and Chinese food. There is also an upscale non-Asian vegetarian/vegan restaurant, “Greens”, near the bay. I look forward to the day when the majority of people are vegetarian or vegan and that we are no longer a minority. I have a problem being at gatherings where people are eating meat.

  8. Ruth

    06. Jun, 2009

    Becoming a vegetarian was the best decision of my life!

    I was diagnosed with severe lactose intolerance when I was 17, and soon after giving up dairy, I gave up meat and decided to only buy organic woodland raised eggs (and to minimise consumption of them). I feel so full of life and vibrancy now!

    My skin is clearer, my weight is stable and I am fit and healthy, and I feel like I am closer to the animals around me :-) When I see others with the same compassion, I feel an instant connection and it always makes me want to gush with mutual pride!!

  9. Becoming Vegetarian

    28. Sep, 2009

    I agree when I see others who converted and love it…it brings a smile to my face.

  10. Kisha

    05. Nov, 2011

    I am 7 weeks into being vegan. I LOVE IT!!! Cruelty free is the way to be!

  11. mcbaba

    21. Jan, 2012

    hi yvonne,im a lacto vegetarian,because my psychiatric hospital doesn t offer vegan food.other than that i love vegan raw organic food,sometimes i sing on the streets just to buy vegan food

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