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Posted on 30. Jun, 2008 by Yvonne Smith in Blog

If you have read Skinny Bitch, you know why I am such a huge fan of Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  I read it in one sitting, which is pretty amazing given the huge stacks of books I have strewn around the house that I have started and not finished…  I just couldn’t put this one down!  I have several friends who have completely changed their diets after reading it.  Powerful stuff!

Unfortunately, I missed Rory’s recent appearance on Ellen and while searching for a clip on YouTube, I found this video where I learned that Rory and I have the same story for why and when we went vegetarian!  I thought that was pretty nifty.

If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it.  And if it inspires you to know more about nutrition and the links between the Standard American Diet and cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc., please also read The China Study.  It is the most comprehensive nutritional study ever conducted and it will blow your mind.  (I had the pleasure of meeting T. Colin Campbell at Vegetarian Summerfest and it was such an honor!)

After you read those books, you’ll definitely want a copy of Veganomicon.  The cashew ricotta recipe alone is worth the price of the book, but it’s also full of other amazing recipes, cooking techniques, etc.  It’s truly fabulous.

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