MORE Vegan Treats in Nashville!

MORE Vegan Treats in Nashville!

Posted on 14. Dec, 2009 by Yvonne Smith in Blog, Nashville

Nashville has come a very long way in a short while and it’s about time.  We no longer have to wonder about where to get vegan cupcakes, cookies, etc. as we now actually have several options.

I have already blogged about Fiddle Cakes and the awesome treats I had there on my first visit, but I went back and tried more of their cupcakes and wow!  The chocolate with peppermint “buttercream” frosting and toasted coconut cupcakes were awesome.  So tasty and beautiful.  I also had a lovely vegan soup and sandwich there.  The vegans from Born Empty and I were happy with everything we had.


The Wild Cow had their Grand Opening party last Saturday and I left with Vegan Spicy Chocolate Cake, Vegan Ginger Macadamia Coconut Carrot Cake (say that three times fast),  Vegan Oatmeal Cherry Cookie and a Vegan Zucchini Chocolate Muffin.  Yummy!  All desserts at The Wild Cow are outsourced and everything I tried was very good.


I have complained in the past about Whole Foods’ lack of vegan cupcakes, but to their credit, they now have a Vegan Chocolate Coffee cake that is amazing, they had Vegan Apple and Cherry pies for Thanksgiving (I had the cherry and it was great!) and their baker has just informed me that soon they will have Vegan Whole-Grain Pastries.  Yes!


Go, Nashville!  It’s always a good time to be a vegan, but things just keep getting better and better for us.  For those of you afraid to go vegan because you think you’ll be missing out, try some of these awesome cholesterol-free-but-full-of-great-flavor desserts!  And if you’re jonesin’ for some ice cream to go with your cake, stop by Whole Foods or Turnip Truck and buy some Purely Decadent with Coconut Milk or Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss.  I swear, it’s better than dairy ice cream!

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4 Responses to “MORE Vegan Treats in Nashville!”

  1. Katie

    17. Dec, 2009

    FYI, I went to Whole Foods today and didn’t find anything more than the regular vegan muffins and cookies. My husband asked the lady behind the bakery counter about vegan stuff, and she said they used to have some stuff but they don’t anymore.

  2. Yvonne - AKA TravelingVeg

    18. Dec, 2009

    Ask Chris. Sometimes not everyone knows what’s there!

  3. Kiley

    21. Dec, 2009

    Hi Yvonne,
    It’s Kiley from the Coconut Bliss office, thanks so much for the shout out! We’re lucky enough to have a fantastic vegan bakery here, and they scoop Coconut Bliss… it’s a dangerous place :)

  4. Diane

    18. Jun, 2010

    Coming soon in Murfreesboro,Tn. a vegan restaurant with everything you’ve been missing and omnis love the food too.I can’t feed the vegans for the all the omnis in the way.

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