Posted on 12. Feb, 2009 by Yvonne Smith in Blog

Hey, check out my good friend Michelle Taylor’s new site,  I met Michelle at AR 2008 and we became fast friends.  I definitely put her in the One-to-Watch category as she is young, enthusiastic and beautiful and has already done so much for the animals and veganism.  Expect great things from her!

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  1. Michelle Taylor

    12. Feb, 2009

    Aww, thanks so much for blogging about Vegan Break Yvonne!! I feel so honored to be on your amazing site :) Hugs!!

    Oh, and I can’t wait to hear about the veg culture and vegan cuisine in Australia! I’m a little jealous. OK, a lot jealous ;) You better snap pictures like there is no tomorrow! And bring water bottles for the Koalas :’(

  2. Stephanie E.

    14. Feb, 2009

    And she has a dog named Chance, which makes her even cooler in my (and my Chance’s) book. ;)

    BTW, I referred to this site as the Chronicles of the Traveling Vegetarian on the AR blog, and I’ve decided I kind of like that–has a whimsical, fantasy novel feel to it.

  3. Ed Coffin

    15. Feb, 2009

    Bird of a feather flock together ;) Thanks for posting this, always looking for fun and innovative vegan bloggers! Have you made up your mind about AR 09 yet?! I’m already booked.

  4. Michelle is great. I randomly came across one of her blogs a while back. We’re just online acquaintances, but from what I can tell, she is so awesome to have in the vegan movement because she is so level-headed and gentle with her words.
    Her dog is so super cute!!

  5. Jason

    19. Mar, 2009

    Thanks for pointing out her site.

    Bite-sized Vegan Videos! Good stuff!



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