Back from Australia

Back from Australia

Posted on 06. Apr, 2009 by Yvonne Smith in Blog, Travel

Well, I am officially back from my month long adventure to Australia! I have heaps of travel scheduled for the spring and summer, but it’s nice to be home for a bit to take a breather and get caught up.

Speaking of catching up, you may have noticed that I have a ton of new pics up on my Flickr page. I plan to get them all labeled and captioned soon so you can all know what and where I ate Down Under.

I met so many great vegans on my trip and never had any problems finding great veg restaurants to try. I went to a couple of veg pubs and Man, do I wish Nashville had something like that! I know that Seattle and LA have veg bars, but I want one here too. Combining my love for food with my adoration for good beer is always a good thing in my book. Mmmmm.

I have three new video blogs up and I will of course be recording more on a regular basis. I hope you’ll check them out! I also hope to have some tidbits of great news that I will be sharing soon. Life is good for The Traveling Vegetarian. Thanks for reading, watching, etc. Peace.

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3 Responses to “Back from Australia”

  1. Taylor

    30. Apr, 2009

    Great post!

  2. Maria

    16. Jan, 2010

    Great to hear that Australia was accomodating to vegan! I plan on vacationing there in the future.

    Maria “Vegan travel advice”

  3. Rob

    24. Dec, 2010

    Hi Yvonne,

    Great working promoting vegetarianism / veganism.

    If you are ever back in Australia, specifically Melbourne, check out the Restaurants section of the Vegetarian Victoria website ( ), you will be pleasantly surprised with all your options.

    Did you make any video reviews last time you were here?

    I am based in Fitzroy and have the luxury of walking to about ten vegetarian restaurants. gee … so spolied.

    Best wishes,


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