Being Vegan Isn’t Hard

Being Vegan Isn’t Hard

Posted on 22. Oct, 2012 by Yvonne Smith in Blog, Other

Being vegan isn’t hard. In fact, for me, it’s pure joy. I LOVE being vegan. The challenge lies in living in a world where so many are completely ignorant about what’s really going on. I don’t believe that humans are inherently uncaring. I truly believe that if more people knew what was happening to the planet and all its inhabitants, change would occur. That is why veganism is activism. Many of us do try to spread the word and educate, even if it means alienating some who don’t want to hear what we have to say.

With what I know, I choose not to be anything but vegan. For me, it’s the only way I can live in this world. I never claim perfection, or that I’m better than anyone else. But I can’t even turn on my computer and log into Facebook without seeing photos and video showing hideous atrocities against humans and animals. Somehow I have to keep my head up amidst all the people who makes jokes about bacon and love getting a rise out of me. I don’t think they have any idea how my heart breaks a little more every time.

I so desire to be completely zen about everyone being on their own path. It’s not my place to judge anyone for the choices they make, but when those choices involve what I feel is cruelty and brutal murder of our fellow earthlings, it wears on me. We live in a society that is free to use, abuse and murder. I hope to someday live in a world where cruelty to others no longer exists. In the meantime, I will work on loving and accepting others no matter where they are on their path.

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2 Responses to “Being Vegan Isn’t Hard”

  1. Lavendergrey

    31. Jul, 2013

    I disagree…being vegan is very hard. Especially when traveling or being a guest at someone’s home who doesn’t eat vegan. Even if friends try to accommodate us they mostly don’t truly understand what vegan means. My husband and I chose to transition to eating vegan almost 2 years ago, mainly for future health reasons and a desire to age well and be healthy in our later years. I also have discovered many mistreatments and horrible ways we get meat and dairy in this country, which I oppose, as well. All that being said…I have enjoyed eating this way and have done so willingly most of the time. We have had occasions when we don’t eat vegan, for one reason or another, mostly due to not being able to find vegan menu options when traveling. Oh, we could eat salad for every meal (and even that isn’t always a good option, considering many restaurant salads consist of mostly lettuce with a very few other items thrown on top), but that doesn’t really stick with one and then I find myself very hungry again in a couple of hours (or less), unless I’ve also stuffed myself with bread (which may or may not have been vegan). That leads to eating junk food that could be considered vegan, yet is definitely not healthy. We just returned from a vacation during which, at one point, I was so hungry I ate Fritos as if I would never eat again. And, the only really good meal I had for 4 days was pasta with grilled veggies on the side. One place we ate served us vegan bread, with butter slathered all over it (yes, it was butter). So, while eating at home and being able to control what we eat is the best case scenario for vegan eating…any other situation can prove to be VERY challenging and discouraging, at best. I find I am becoming more and more full of dread at the prospect of trying to have a good time on vacation…all while knowing that eating is going to be a major problem.

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