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Why do so many chefs seem to think that it’s impossible to make a delicious meal without animal products?  And if they don’t think it’s impossible, why aren’t they doing it more often?  Have you ever seen the show Top Chef on Bravo?  In many of the challenges, the contestants are given a certain amount of ingredients and they must make something interesting, delicious and inventive out of what they’re given.  Well, here’s my challenge to all chefs:  You have every fruit, vegetable, grain and legume at your disposal.  Make something great.  Aaaaaaaaand GO!

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  1. veganicat

    21. Jul, 2008

    It takes time to break down the dominant paradigm. As a wedding photographer I challenge caterers every time I ask them to make me a vegan meal while they are in the midst of preparing hundreds of carcasses which will be half eaten and thrown away. Most the time I get white rice with soggy steamed vegetables and no spices. HELLO! Spices are vegan! If you are going to give me flaccid zucchini at least have the courtesy of some salt or rosemary or something!

    Anyway, we all know vegan food is more flavorful and health inspiring than dead flesh. TV chefs will have to catch up to the power of an idea whose time has come sooner or later. Hopefully sooner!

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