Daiya in Nashville and Vegan Donuts in Murfreesboro

Daiya in Nashville and Vegan Donuts in Murfreesboro

Posted on 21. Mar, 2010 by Yvonne Smith in Blog, Nashville

I don’t know where the stereotype of the unhealthy vegan came from, especially since most of the vegans I’ve met eat more vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and whole grains than most of the omnivores I know.  Maybe it’s just that a lot of omnivores know a few vegans who eat a lot of junk food.  Maybe it’s just that a lot of meat-eaters don’t know any vegans at all, or maybe it’s because a lot of vegans get REALLY excited about vegan cupcakes, cookies, candy bars and dairy-free cheese.  As much as I don’t like to lump together vegans OR omnivores, the latter does tend to be true a lot of the time and I’m just as guilty when it comes to getting pumped about the occasional animal-product-free comfort foods.  It certainly doesn’t mean that I eat that way all the time, but when I had my first bite of coconut milk ice cream and it tasted even better than dairy ice cream, you can bet I was in frozen dessert heaven and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

Here in Nashville, we can finally get the Go Max Go bars, which are amazing.  We have several places to buy Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss and Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream and we have several options for vegan baked goods.

Vegan junk food lovers (and those of us who eat really healthily most of the time, but splurge every once in a while) in the Nashville area, rejoice again!

Word on the street is that Whole Foods in Nashville will start carrying Daiya vegan cheese soon, but in the meantime, Lazzaroli Pasta in the Germantown area has the Italian blend.  I just bought a pound the other day!  Lazzaroli’s will also make vegan pasta for you if you give them 24 hours notice.  I hear it’s awesome, and Tom told me yesterday he’s thinking of filling some ravioli with Daiya and other yummy vegan stuff.  Give him a call if you’re interested.  Sure sounds good to me!

I also have heard good things about the vegan donuts at Get Sconed in Murfreesboro.  I swear I’m going to get down there soon to try them, but I just haven’t been in the mood for all that sugar, flour and oil…  Still, I can’t help but feel like Middle Tennessee deserves a big pat on the back.  I tell people all the time that it’s not a bad place to be vegan, but hardly anyone seems to believe me.  Sure, it’s not California, but we’re making progress!

Now tell me again how I’m missing out on anything by being vegan?  Ok, convenience?  Yeah, sometimes.  But incredible, delicious food?  Nope.

My Daiya from Lazzaroli

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3 Responses to “Daiya in Nashville and Vegan Donuts in Murfreesboro”

  1. Maria G

    16. Jun, 2010

    Thats great to know that there are vegan donuts in Tenn. in case I visit there anytime! The only vegan donuts I knew of are at Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle. I was there last year. I HIGHLY recommend them!!

    I added your website link to my website. I would appreciate if you could add my link to your site.. Vegans supporting vegans. :)
    Vegan travel tips every week plus blog on my visits to 5 continents.

  2. Ana Jonessy

    21. Sep, 2010

    I was on Flickr, talking with your sister, Shannon, about body mods and good books and she told me about you being the Traveling Vegetarian upon knowing that I am a Vegan myself.

    We don’t have enough Vegan restaurant (but the few that we’ve got are gorgeous) and/or Vegan snacks here in North Borneo and the waiters almost always get our orders wrong (they always include egss and/or anchovies even when we specifically asked ‘em not to). But I really don’t see it as a hindrance for me to stay healthy by maintaining my Vegan diet and lifestyle.

    The last time I had scoops of ice creams was about 3 years ago, I would LOVE to give that coconut milk ice cream a go or two.

    A couple of my friends had to give up Veganism because they were not getting enough nutrition (too much junks, not enough hearty meals). It’s rather sad to see this happening but I’ve always believe that it is perfectly alright to indulge in (Vegan) junks like ice creams, sorbets, cupcakes and what not as long as we consume in moderation.

    Speaking of which, I’ve got a Vegan cake waiting for me in the kitchen so off I go now.


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