Yvonne Smith Music

Yvonne Smith Music

Posted on 12. Apr, 2010 by Yvonne Smith in Music

Hey, did you know that I write and sing? I am working on songs with Biff Watson and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to express myself creatively through music.

You can check out my songs on my MySpace page. You can support me by purchasing my music here:  Get it Now

Thank you for listening!

Photo by Karen Alisa

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One Response to “Yvonne Smith Music”

  1. supercarrot

    14. Apr, 2010

    awesome! i heard your songs on vegcast. would it be okay if i used one of your songs on my podcast?
    (i’d feel awkward using the same songs that were used on vegcast, so i’ll definitely keep an eye out for new songs.)

    thanks! :-)

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